Friday, January 11, 2013

Sometimes we will, sometimes we won't ...

Here's the skinny--as we begin this new year with freshly completed renovations, we are considering and reconsidering better ways to serve you, our customer. With our two favorite things in mind--people and pizza--we have come to a fork in the road.

To offer take out or to not offer take out.

And our answer is this: we choose BOTH.

We are highly dedicated to serving our pizza to our faithful followers in a fashion that it deserves to be served. We then, of course, are equally excited about the new face of our company--the exposure of our building's original brick walls, as well as the the intricacies of our hand-laid tile; the incorporation of our love of bikes, as well as the ambiance of good people listening to good music, eating good food.

Thus, we want to be here. In shop. Making pizzas. And we want you to be here, as often as you can. So if the time is right and you call inquiring about our to-go status, we may go ahead and fix that take out order for you. But if the time is wrong , and the place is hoppin', we will postpone your inquiry and invite you to stop by. No hard feelings. Just trying to serve you right, the best way we can.



  1. #1 - Great philosophy, thanks for putting it there. #2 - I love Jack's! Welcome to blogger. #3 - Folks why would you want to do take out? The whole purpose of ordering out is to let someone else do the dishes ;)

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